Contra Phase III

Mahat was tasked with improving the existing Contra process and creating a new solution for the EMEA Finance team to manage the Contra Budgets. The existing process for Contra was inflexible and often meant sales users requested multiple contras at the same time. The pains points caused by the existing process included lack of visibility to the approvers as to how much is being requested for a particular Account along with the obvious duplication of effort for the Sales Users.

Our Role

As part of the EMEA Sales Ops team, Mahat developed an enhancement to existing Contra and Budget Process which involved the creation of new VF Pages, Apex Triggers, Objects, Flows and Process Builders. Found technical solutions to complex requirements working in a very mature Salesforce Org where limits have been reached on almost all standard / custom objects. He worked closely with Business Analysts and Product Owner to refine requirements and conduct regular show and tells.

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